Call To Arms

from by Thalanos

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After noticing the dragon's return, a warrior rallies the soldiers in his village. Despite the prophecy, they prepare to go to war against the dragon.



[Verse 1]
One summer day, the northern breeze was gone, starving our cows gone
This is John, the head of the town, now headless and bound to the grave
His wife in tears but that's okay, she's crazy anyway
She's looking for a suitor today, suddenly everyone's gay
we found a cow along the way, in ash and decay, fade away
What is this, what's going on?

These are the signs, it's time to ride
The prophecy denied
Ale and glory await the brave
Keep your glory, we'll take the ale!

Fight for our lands, protect the farms
This is the call to arms
I may be rusty, but still got my charms
Call to arms!

Arise! My brothers!
Follow me to the end!
For guts! For glory!
Gallons of ale!

This is the call to arms!
Call to arms!
This is the call to arms!
Call to arms!

[Post-Chorus 1]
I had a daughter, got roasted one day
We blamed it on the wench, for playing in the hay
Alas the sun was hot, set fire to the field
But now, at last the truth will be revealed

I lost my little toe to nibbling in the night
I never once looked up to get a proper sight
I figured, had to be an act of jealousy
But now I start to wonder...
Was it the Dragon I would see?


[Verse 2]
Rounding up the men on the square, there's nobody there
Where is Pete the bravest of all, did no one at all hear my call?
I found a wench along the way, did not want to stay, ran away.
Was it something I said? What? Oh I'm on the wrong square!
Trace my steps and head away, everyone's there none astray
Finally all in array


[Post-Chorus 2]
While working in the fields, a sudden summer breeze
I turned around to see the roof fly off with ease
I thought the miller cranked his mill up way too high
As of today, I'll finally know why!

So far I've lost my child, so dear to my soul
Still got my other toes, stored safely in a bowl
Did not rebuild my house, I now live in a tree
And I no longer wonder, it was the dragon taunting me!
It was the dragon taunting me!


from Dragontales, released May 5, 2015




Thalanos Netherlands

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