Dragon Flight

from by Thalanos

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Taken to the river, the warriors sail as fast as they can to try and escape. The dragon has no intention of letting them go, however.



[Verse 1]
Look up to the sky and see the dragon fly, its chasing me
Row with all your might and feel the flames... getting near

Ash... Raining down, smoke and cinders form our gown
Am I too late, m I to fall, I failed the hero's call

Running night and day, it will not sway
This is the dragon's way
Rising through the night, in all its might
This is the dragon flight

Running for so long, its wings so strong
This is the dragon's song
Fire burning bright, we're trapped inside
Beware the dragon flight

Get down!
Get down on the floor! - A rain of fire... Death
I hear it knocking on my door
The screams go silent
I hear a thundering roar
The end of violence, is when we die

[Interlude 1]
Dragonbreath! Deadly sting! Speeding down these wretched rapids
No turnsignals on this thing, barrel nearly slammed to bits
I think I might have motion sickness, peddle men, here, take the wheel
Ok lads, who just broke wind? Now we're gonna die for real

[Verse 2]
praying to our gods in vain
Can't you see that we're in pain?
All we get is fiery rain... Lame
Who is to blame? All we did was try to claim
The lands we reign, were we insane?


[Interlude 2]
Washed ashore, we catch our breath
The dragon, the beast, we outran our death
Did we really lose it, or is it still around?
I quickly look around the corner of a rock
Its wings, I spot, I scream out loud, no it's just a hawk
My scream, so manly, alerted my soldiers and quickly they appeared
"Where is the little girl" they asked, but I showed my beard
We seem to have lost it, does that mean we beat it
We can't say for sure, it may still return
Come on lads, lighten up, victory is ours
We celebrate tonight!
We'll dine like kings, then take our wives and spend the night like pigs
I'll take your daughter, meh, your mother and... What is that over there?

I arise!
I have returned, you can't escape me!
I'll hunt you down, track you down and burn you all alive!
I am eternal, I am the end!
I will survive!
In the end, human kind, nothing more than poorly designed rats, for dinner!

[Verse 3]
Surfing on the waves we'll be, involuntarily
No one knows where it will end, but I'm sure that we're all damned
A fort ahead, need to get there or we're dead
Am I too late am I to fall, I'm not a hero!



from Dragontales, released May 5, 2015




Thalanos Netherlands

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