Dragon Hunters

from by Thalanos

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Our heroes march to confront the dragon. But when faced with the beast, it turns out they are no match, quickly they flee out of the dragon's lair.



[Verse 1]
Riding down the dusty roads, challenging our fate
Although prepared, we are afraid, the wings of doom await
Up the mountain steep, days without sleep, no sight of our safe keep
Higher up, only charred remains
Trees are burned they earth is dead and dust runs in our veins
Will we meet our bane, are we just insane?
Will we die in vain?

Nearly there, terror reigns, we can feel the heat
Scorching earth... horses burn their feet
The mountain is our pyre, as we're getting higher
We rush to the fire

Dragonhunters, fools!
Dragonhunters, burn!
Dragonhunters, run!
Dragon hunts you down!

[Verse 2]
Lurking in the misty cave, death is standing guard
Although prepared we are afraid, we're getting weak of heart
Down the void of fear, as we're getting near, finding slaughtered deer
You fill our souls, you fill our hearts with great anxiety
We fantasize 'bout your demise with some variety
And in the end we know you'll tear our limbs apart
But all we're gonna need is one spear through your heart!

Aim for its heart
Take its head as our reward
We charge into the fight, into the black of night
Into the flames so bright!


Finally face to face with the beast, we noticed its dimensions
Wings so wide, they spanned at least eh... two feet
Cracking bones, ripping flesh with its fearsome teeth and feeding on a
Recent kill, killing spree, double kill, both rats are dead now

Horrible, adorable little beast unleashing all its vengeance
Spewing flame, fiery rain, worlds of pain it kind of tickles
Recently, from the egg, it hatched its way into the world but
Now beware, over there, out of her lair: behold its mother!

From the flames I rise!
Welcome your demise!
Taunting little knight!
This is your last fight, alright?

[Verse 3]
Running out, super stout, bravely ran away
Scorching earth... only fools would stay
Hear the dragon roar, can't take any more
No running from this... war!



from Dragontales, released May 5, 2015




Thalanos Netherlands

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