The Final Night

from by Thalanos

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Finally the warriors reach a fort, where they make a final stand against the dragon. The prophecies were right however, and their story isn't one of success.



[Verse 1]
Before my eyes, my very friends, turn to ashes
One last look, of despair, certain death coming from the air
Run or die, the end, it's nigh, it's time to die
Die, die , die!
Let me sharpen my claw for you
Let's play hide and seek, peekaboo
I spy with my little eye, something that will taste better than rib eye

Hold! men, tonight we make our stand, we're the protectors of this land
In the balance hang the lives, of our children and our wives
Promise me at least, that we, hah! Kill the beast!
Focus! Don't give in to fright, fight!

[Verse 2]
A rain of death, his fiery breath, flames engulf us
On the floor, all this gore, deafened by the dragon's roar
Fight! Arise! I need you guys, to the skies!
Fight, fight, fight!
I found you, haha
So you think you can...? What?
So you think you can...? Dance for me!
Puppets, filthy, humans!

Through the haze I spot a brother, hoping that the smoke won't smother
Edward buddy, come to me, help me set our soldiers free

[Verse 3]
A bunch of guys, no more than five, barely alive
Call to arms, a call to die
Tthe final fight, is drawing nigh
Strike, and fight! The end, it's nigh, it's time to fry!
Fry, fry, fry!

This may be the end for you
For me it's just the start of something
A brand new day, a brand new roast
Hah, I burned you!



from Dragontales, released May 5, 2015




Thalanos Netherlands

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