by Thalanos

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released May 5, 2015




Thalanos Netherlands

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Track Name: Intro
Come gather 'round the fire
Don't invoke the dragon's ire
You're asking for, a tale of war

We had been warned, the signs were clear
I would lose all that I held dear

We were young and dense and even though it made no sense
We charged into the fight, that fateful night

When we were about to slay the beast so tiny ran away
I wish we had not chased, its mother we faced!

The flames they rose up high in ashes we would find our fate to die
I wish we had stayed clear, taken a beer!

Down we rushed, the river called...
Track Name: Call To Arms
[Verse 1]
One summer day, the northern breeze was gone, starving our cows gone
This is John, the head of the town, now headless and bound to the grave
His wife in tears but that's okay, she's crazy anyway
She's looking for a suitor today, suddenly everyone's gay
we found a cow along the way, in ash and decay, fade away
What is this, what's going on?

These are the signs, it's time to ride
The prophecy denied
Ale and glory await the brave
Keep your glory, we'll take the ale!

Fight for our lands, protect the farms
This is the call to arms
I may be rusty, but still got my charms
Call to arms!

Arise! My brothers!
Follow me to the end!
For guts! For glory!
Gallons of ale!

This is the call to arms!
Call to arms!
This is the call to arms!
Call to arms!

[Post-Chorus 1]
I had a daughter, got roasted one day
We blamed it on the wench, for playing in the hay
Alas the sun was hot, set fire to the field
But now, at last the truth will be revealed

I lost my little toe to nibbling in the night
I never once looked up to get a proper sight
I figured, had to be an act of jealousy
But now I start to wonder...
Was it the Dragon I would see?


[Verse 2]
Rounding up the men on the square, there's nobody there
Where is Pete the bravest of all, did no one at all hear my call?
I found a wench along the way, did not want to stay, ran away.
Was it something I said? What? Oh I'm on the wrong square!
Trace my steps and head away, everyone's there none astray
Finally all in array


[Post-Chorus 2]
While working in the fields, a sudden summer breeze
I turned around to see the roof fly off with ease
I thought the miller cranked his mill up way too high
As of today, I'll finally know why!

So far I've lost my child, so dear to my soul
Still got my other toes, stored safely in a bowl
Did not rebuild my house, I now live in a tree
And I no longer wonder, it was the dragon taunting me!
It was the dragon taunting me!
Track Name: Dragon Hunters
[Verse 1]
Riding down the dusty roads, challenging our fate
Although prepared, we are afraid, the wings of doom await
Up the mountain steep, days without sleep, no sight of our safe keep
Higher up, only charred remains
Trees are burned they earth is dead and dust runs in our veins
Will we meet our bane, are we just insane?
Will we die in vain?

Nearly there, terror reigns, we can feel the heat
Scorching earth... horses burn their feet
The mountain is our pyre, as we're getting higher
We rush to the fire

Dragonhunters, fools!
Dragonhunters, burn!
Dragonhunters, run!
Dragon hunts you down!

[Verse 2]
Lurking in the misty cave, death is standing guard
Although prepared we are afraid, we're getting weak of heart
Down the void of fear, as we're getting near, finding slaughtered deer
You fill our souls, you fill our hearts with great anxiety
We fantasize 'bout your demise with some variety
And in the end we know you'll tear our limbs apart
But all we're gonna need is one spear through your heart!

Aim for its heart
Take its head as our reward
We charge into the fight, into the black of night
Into the flames so bright!


Finally face to face with the beast, we noticed its dimensions
Wings so wide, they spanned at least eh... two feet
Cracking bones, ripping flesh with its fearsome teeth and feeding on a
Recent kill, killing spree, double kill, both rats are dead now

Horrible, adorable little beast unleashing all its vengeance
Spewing flame, fiery rain, worlds of pain it kind of tickles
Recently, from the egg, it hatched its way into the world but
Now beware, over there, out of her lair: behold its mother!

From the flames I rise!
Welcome your demise!
Taunting little knight!
This is your last fight, alright?

[Verse 3]
Running out, super stout, bravely ran away
Scorching earth... only fools would stay
Hear the dragon roar, can't take any more
No running from this... war!

Track Name: Dragon Flight
[Verse 1]
Look up to the sky and see the dragon fly, its chasing me
Row with all your might and feel the flames... getting near

Ash... Raining down, smoke and cinders form our gown
Am I too late, m I to fall, I failed the hero's call

Running night and day, it will not sway
This is the dragon's way
Rising through the night, in all its might
This is the dragon flight

Running for so long, its wings so strong
This is the dragon's song
Fire burning bright, we're trapped inside
Beware the dragon flight

Get down!
Get down on the floor! - A rain of fire... Death
I hear it knocking on my door
The screams go silent
I hear a thundering roar
The end of violence, is when we die

[Interlude 1]
Dragonbreath! Deadly sting! Speeding down these wretched rapids
No turnsignals on this thing, barrel nearly slammed to bits
I think I might have motion sickness, peddle men, here, take the wheel
Ok lads, who just broke wind? Now we're gonna die for real

[Verse 2]
praying to our gods in vain
Can't you see that we're in pain?
All we get is fiery rain... Lame
Who is to blame? All we did was try to claim
The lands we reign, were we insane?


[Interlude 2]
Washed ashore, we catch our breath
The dragon, the beast, we outran our death
Did we really lose it, or is it still around?
I quickly look around the corner of a rock
Its wings, I spot, I scream out loud, no it's just a hawk
My scream, so manly, alerted my soldiers and quickly they appeared
"Where is the little girl" they asked, but I showed my beard
We seem to have lost it, does that mean we beat it
We can't say for sure, it may still return
Come on lads, lighten up, victory is ours
We celebrate tonight!
We'll dine like kings, then take our wives and spend the night like pigs
I'll take your daughter, meh, your mother and... What is that over there?

I arise!
I have returned, you can't escape me!
I'll hunt you down, track you down and burn you all alive!
I am eternal, I am the end!
I will survive!
In the end, human kind, nothing more than poorly designed rats, for dinner!

[Verse 3]
Surfing on the waves we'll be, involuntarily
No one knows where it will end, but I'm sure that we're all damned
A fort ahead, need to get there or we're dead
Am I too late am I to fall, I'm not a hero!

Track Name: The Final Night
[Verse 1]
Before my eyes, my very friends, turn to ashes
One last look, of despair, certain death coming from the air
Run or die, the end, it's nigh, it's time to die
Die, die , die!
Let me sharpen my claw for you
Let's play hide and seek, peekaboo
I spy with my little eye, something that will taste better than rib eye

Hold! men, tonight we make our stand, we're the protectors of this land
In the balance hang the lives, of our children and our wives
Promise me at least, that we, hah! Kill the beast!
Focus! Don't give in to fright, fight!

[Verse 2]
A rain of death, his fiery breath, flames engulf us
On the floor, all this gore, deafened by the dragon's roar
Fight! Arise! I need you guys, to the skies!
Fight, fight, fight!
I found you, haha
So you think you can...? What?
So you think you can...? Dance for me!
Puppets, filthy, humans!

Through the haze I spot a brother, hoping that the smoke won't smother
Edward buddy, come to me, help me set our soldiers free

[Verse 3]
A bunch of guys, no more than five, barely alive
Call to arms, a call to die
Tthe final fight, is drawing nigh
Strike, and fight! The end, it's nigh, it's time to fry!
Fry, fry, fry!

This may be the end for you
For me it's just the start of something
A brand new day, a brand new roast
Hah, I burned you!